There are many places to eat delicious food in your local area. If you have a bar in Washington or you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant Washington based then look no further. Indian food opens ones’ eyes to the exhilarating – and delicious - culture of India. Due to this part; massive integration of cultures great Indian food in the USA is available everywhere. One does not have to travel to New Delhi anymore to enjoy a spicy dish or a beloved curry. You can find an Indian restaurant accessible to Washington locals in a wide array of price points.

Indian food is the picture of diversity. Various regions of India are famous for their own specialties, because climate and type of soil are vital to certain ingredients being used in certain areas. Indian food is heavily influenced by the culture and religion of the country, another reason that enjoying Indian food in US restaurants is akin to voyaging to an exotic locale, but in a way that is affordable to all.

Indian cuisine has been greatly influenced by Dharmic beliefs, as vegetarianism continues to grow in the Indian culture. Changes in the interplay of other communities and regions of the country have helped this cuisine to grow and it continues to evolve today. Trade relations also have influenced Indian cuisine. For example, potatoes and chilies are now found in Indian dishes after Portugal introduced these delights to India. Spices have also found their way to India from all over the globe. This began during the European Age of Discovery, when trade relations began between Asia, Europe and India.

When visiting a Washington based Indian restaurant you can enjoy sampling. All these cultural influences found in the spice palate and staples, such as rice and lentils. Lentils can be prepared whole but most often they are without husks and then split. Chickpeas, kidney beans and pearl millet are also quite popular. Indian cuisine is most often prepared using vegetable oil, yet some areas prefer to use sesame oil because of the delightfully nutty smell and flavor it imparts. By far the most important spice found in Indian cuisine is powdered chili pepper, with cumin, ginger, turmeric and garlic making frequent appearances as well. Many savory dishes also boast mint and curry leaves, while sweet dishes offer a hint of nutmeg, saffron, cardamom and rose petal to the palate. If you crave a sweet and spicy treat, take a trip to exotic India by enjoying Indian food in the USA at your favorite local Washington based Indian restaurant.

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